Driven by Vision and Passion.

Being wired as a creative visionary, my art flows from the never ending stream of inspiration, internal composing, designing, painting and cenceptualizing.  This flow of creativity emerges from another realm, like air bubbles gently and continuously rising to the surface from the deepest and most unreachable depths of the sea.

Driven on by the images that develop and by the emotions they produce, I am compelled to try to express the ‘ousia’ or essence of those images. Communicating their beauty, energy, vitality and spirit is a journey of discovery. The pregnant potential in expressing the freshly baked bread of inspiration can be life changing!

In response to nature’s divine glow, I am left speechless at the matchless beauty, power, design and wonder I behold.  Can I communicate how marvelous and beautiful it is what I see?  Can I transmit the experience so you can taste, so you can live the drama that fills my eyes, heart, mind and spirit? 

I am driven to live, to experience and to share my experience with you, through my art.  My visions, passion, emotions, faith, enthusiasm and joy bubble forth through my art, this is why I am an artist.

I cannot stop myself from being an artist.

I am artist.

My name is Julian Raven


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