Collector Reviews

" Pollock-ish, but each painting is a celebration" Bill Snyder, Music Director at WSKG, Binghamton

"Fractal"  Was a comment made by a photographer at a recent show.

"Hi Julian, IT'S DONE!!!

Your paintings just arrived now at 2:30 pm.  They're really amazing, color-powerful and WE LOVE THEM so much! Very good choice for the frame's colors. Thank you for all...

The truck came just in front of our house and we were expecting it, so we were prepared; we asked two guys from a moving-enterprise to carry them inside the house.  Well done, no damage.  The works did stand this big trip!  And they were perfectly wrapped and protected, thanks to you. We're so happy; It was a real emotional moment fand Elisa will be so excited to see them after school later in the afternoon..." Marie N. from Switzerland.


Review for ‘Late Fall’ By The Collector.

"We are so thrilled to have Julian Raven’s ‘Late Fall’ painting hanging in our living room.  After discovering the painting on, we couldn’t stop thinking about it. We love Julian’s unique style and use of bold colors. All of the other art collectors we know agreed that this is an extremely gifted emerging artist. The process of dealing with Satchi and Julian himself was absolutely a pleasure. It was so great to learn about the painting from the artist over the phone, so much so that my wife and I invited him to come to our home and hang the painting so we could meet him in person and meet our guests at a dinner party we hosted. We asked him to stay for the cocktail hour as we wanted our friends to meet such a gifted artist and special individual. We are so pleased to have purchased one of his many great pieces of artwork and can’t wait to see what else he will do next. He’s definitely one to follow. "

Comments and Feedback

“Julian, amazing and makes one contemplate . I love it. “
Rami Kadri, Senior Designer at Objects & Elements, Dubai “Julian........Your work contains huge joy and energy, your colour-use excites my heart & soul !! Wow...... lets keep in touch, glad to hear from you and keep up the great work!! Blessings and peace from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom! Love Kate Green - Artist”   “I Like It All, Julian !!” Fadi Aboush, Texas  “Julian: I saw your stuff at Community Arts of Elmira and like it very much.” David Higgins, Art Professor, Corning Community College, Corning, New York.  “Your fall painting of Elmira is Beautiful....” Delores Morgan, Elmira Regional Art Society, New York  “Your paintings are absolutely beautiful” Jeanine Stone, Elmira Regional Art Society, New York

Feedback Greatly Appreciated

Art cannot exist in isolation, it exists to breath in and out of our lives.  Art really only becomes art when you respond to it. I can only do 50% of the art, YOU do the other 50% by responding.

Please share your feedback with me, this website does not have a comment feature.  You can leave feedback on my facebook page at or use the form below and send me your feedback via email.

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