The Painting Process

The intensity and passion within me has always sought release and expression in a creative way.  This process has been refined through the years as I have tried many mediums to experience that ultimate creative release, not just through art. I used to picture it like those 'play-dough' toys I used to use as a boy.  Placing colored 'play-dough' and then squeezing it through those different shapes, stars, triangles, squares and out oozed the colored dough like spaghetti.  Finding that right shape for the ultimate, in my case personal creative expression has been some process I must admit.

One night, whilst watching a Simon Schama's documentary on the Power of Art about Jackson Pollack, I had my moment of inspiration.  I jumped up, went to my work shop and spread the roll of canvas on the floor.  With a few colors I had purchased from the 'oops' section at Lowes I began to paint in a way that was fresh and new and yet seemed so natural.  Without touching the canvas, paint devoured the canvas beneath me.  With large and unhindered gestures, aggressively throwing the paint, incredible lines, splatches, marks, textures and structures developed.  My heart was beating aloud within me as I exherted myself, I was hot, this was exercise.  As I wiped my brow, I stood up and what I had created was alive!

It did not feel like I was painting.  I had just worked on a impressionistic painting of the waterfalls at Watkins Glenn.  It was work, many hours and many struggles and it was very pleasing to me.  But this new expression was different, liberating and exhilarating and I did not feel like I was painting, this was enjoyable in a whole new way.  The potential of developing this 'drip and splash' technique was immediately evident to me as I could see so much room for development and mastery.  And what would those results be like over time, my heart just throbbed and longed to discover.

Below is a recent painting called 'Late Fall'.  It is a large painting 71 x 71", latex paint on canvas.  This is a good example of the development of the technique now some three months after I began to 'drip and splash'.  I have added detailed photos of this painting below.  I use Valspar latex house paints of different grades.  With regular house painting brushes I will add base color to construct the basic composition.  In the painting below the sky portion was painted in blue and then the remaining foreground was left the color of the raw canvas.  I use sticks to throw, splash and project the paint into the air and into the canvas which I leave un-stretched and un-primed on the floor. 

Developing an inventory of different marks and lines is my goal.  I have already developed a good body of different strokes which are now in my tool box.  These can convey a great variety of emotions which is fantastic.  The rich, full tapestry of oodles of paint becomes a sumptuous image that dazzles the eyes with its detail, texture, drama and power.  These attributes suit me and my personality as I seek to express those facets of the human experience.  Passion, intensity, drama, emotion, spirit and boldness are some of the ingredients that my work has begun to express. 

Please enjoy this online gallery and the collection of my 'Ousiaistic' paintings.

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