Commissioned Fine Art & Customized Paintings

Are you looking for the exact painting and cannot find the right size?  Art commissions have been the backbone of art history for centuries.  Art Patrons, religious institutions and wealthy merchants really created the art world through their patronage of the artists of their day by commissioning most of the art we see today in art galleries.  Galleries and solo art shows did not exist, it was a world of art commissions.  The artist depended on the draw their gifts and talents attracted by their ability to capture and reporduce reality in an age when there were no photographic cameras.  They would customize their commissioned works to the desires of their clients, giving them a door to immortality especially in the area of portraiture.

In today’s world the art ‘need’ is different but in many ways still the same, commissioned works are still in high demand.  Patrons, art lovers, designers, architects and art collectors are always in the market to purchase art and much of that is still commissioned art.  Art for pleasure, interior design or as an investment drives the robust global art market. 

 With the great increase in both wealth and construction, the demand for tailored, specifically commissioned art work in always present.  Artist Julian Raven has spent many years in the high end custom furniture trade.  Creating custom commissioned furniture was an artistic process that was highly developed over many years.  As a fine artist, Raven has embarked on commissioned art work since high school.

 Raven’s first art commission was for a project involving the imagery of the Tree Of Life when he was in his early teens.  Since then art commissions have come in different forms over the years. 

 What ever your specific art commission need is, Artist Julian Raven will be able to apply his vast experience in creating your unique work of art.  Being able to customize your art commission order allows you to have input in the areas of dimension, colors, theme, style and decorative finish.  After all of the necessary discussions and questions are answered, you can sit back and wait for your fine art commission to be created.

 Please contact Artist Julian Raven to discuss your art commission needs.

Art Commissions

Commercial and industrial sized art commissions for hotels, banks, offices and many other commercial installations. 

Commissioned custom painting sizes, any size, up to 100 feet in length.

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