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Julian Raven Artist, offers fine art commissions and custom contemporary art projects where art is created for you as your specific need dictates.  Often times, specific walls and spaces require tailor made, custom sized and aesthetically fine tuned works of art that correspond perfectly with the space. 

Fine art commissions and custom contemporary art projects by artist Julian Raven allow you to 'find' that special work of art that you have been looking for.  Julian Raven's list of satisfied collectors who have embarked on the fine art commission process speaks to the professionalism and ease of mind that experience produces in a process that can be fraught with all sorts of stress inducing problems.

Please contact Julian Raven to begin the conversation around creating you your fine art commission or custom art project. 

The beginning of a new series of paintings.

"My wife and I enjoy collecting abstract, contemporary art.  We have the good fortune of being able to make more than an occasional diversion during our travels for both business and pleasure to further this interest.  The art we display in our home makes for a great conversation piece when appreciated by guests and inspires our own creative processes.  However most importantly, the growing collection marks milestones and becomes a tangible reminder of times shared with family.  We came across Julian Raven due to a chance visit to his website (  His creations immediately resonated with us.  He personally responded to our email introduction and we subsequently spoke over the telephone.  Although the Internet was the catalyst for the dialogue, our connection to Mr. Raven was forged through personal interaction with the artist.  We were immediately comfortable transacting directly with his team – reassured both by the warmth Mr. Raven exuded and by the fact that he maintains a large studio in upstate New York.  

His reputation is further solidified by the roster of private individuals, corporates, and foundations who display his work.  In fact, we felt fortunate dealing directly with an artist of his caliber and preferred dealing with his team rather than a stuffy gallery staffed by salespeople.  The logistics were seamless and the large piece we selected was expertly crated.  Julian Raven is an inspiring artist who has given our family something to be enjoyed for generations.  More importantly, he is true gentlemen.  We look forward to future dealings." Mr And Mrs Davis, New Jersey

Julian Raven

"Winter Past"  part of A New Season

"I searched everywhere online and its was so hard to find really large paintings for sale..." 

Recently, a collector who purchased a very large stretched canvas abstract expressionist painting by Artist Julian Raven expressed his frustrations at not being able to easily find the size of the art he was looking for.  Huge, oversized, massive painting are obviously not common place.  It takes a certain personality and drive to produce art on such a monumental scale.  Raven just happens to be one of those people who loves doing things 'huge' and his passion happens to be painting.  

In his 6000 square foot studio un up state New York, Raven has all the space he needs to create truly enormous paintings.  When the collector discovered Raven's art, he finally could rest as his need for very large paintings was finally met.  Residential as well as commercial and industrial collectors and clients find their art 'scale' needs met by Raven.  Raven has developed a rolled shipping process that allows massive modern and contemporary paintings to be hung in hard to reach spaces/apartments as well.  So no matter what the access is like, Raven can prepare a ready to assemble stretcher frame and having pre-stretched the painted canvas and then rolled it, allows the collector to not be limited by difficult access. With detailed instructions, the canvas is then unrolled, the stretcher frame is assembled and the painting stretched all by the collector or hired professional help.

With ready to hang hardware included, the process is made relatively easy if the directions are followed carefully.

Please do not hesitate to send an email with any questions you have.

A New Season

The seasons in the north east fuel endless cycles of inspiration for the artist.  New York provided years of such, driving the development of the brushless drip and splash technique, facilitating the capture and expression of the human experience when

immersed in such marvelous beauty.

A visit to Washington D.C. in the spring of 2019 was a surreal climax to the seasonal experience.  The spring blossoms framing the monuments was a visual feast difficult to ignore.  Now both mind and spirit being creatively pregnant with such beauty compelled Raven to create new layers of information within the images created with his brushless technique.  Hand painted mono-prints of Washington D.C. monuments and architecture served as the appropriate technique to insert as backdrops, the hard edged geometric shapes and textures over which the fluid and organic brushless drip and splash technique created unseen compositions of America's great national and natural beauty.

'A New Season' has begun.


A recent referral from Art collectors in New Jersey.

NEWS UPDATE: Julian Raven Artist now serving the Washington D.C. metro area having moved to Springfield, Virginia​.

Post impressionist & abstract expressionist artist Julian Raven, uses his advanced brushless ‘drip & splash’ technique to achieve profound depths of both inner world human abstract expressions and outer world natural impressions.  Raven loves the freedom and power that his brushless technique facilitates when painting large abstract expressionist & impressionist paintings.

 Raven’s brushless ‘Drip & Splash’ technique is incredible in its flexibility and fluidity.  On his huge, oversized, extra large and large abstract paintings this technique allows for huge reach in both the development of fantastic powerful lines as well as complex layered textures and patterns.  Raven uses large amounts of paint in both his large abstract expressionist paintings and his large post impressionist paintings.  His paintings start large and can get huge, up to 50 feet(20 meters) long!  It is an awesome experience to be able to create balanced, cohesive and meaningful compositions on such huge canvases.  Lashings of vibrant color, unhindered use of masses of paint allows Raven to create great textures and energy packed large abstract paintings.  Even Julian Raven’s extra large impressionist paintings are bold and full of life!  The scale of Raven’s painted lines and the fluid application of paint brings to life his naturally inspired paintings.

 Throbbing passion, contagious intensity, dynamic energy, raw vibrancy, breathtaking beauty, intense joy and a bright spirit are some of the components of life that feed Raven’s soul, fuel his drive and thus burst with desire to come out in his art work.  Julian Raven’s abstract paintings are subconscious efforts to express these attributes of our human experience.  His abstract expressionist goals are to capture these powerful life forces, experiences and emotions and record them through his paintings. These contagious, intoxicating ‘joy of life’ ingredients, can be viscerally experienced by those who are fortunate enough to acquire his work.

 Raven’s abstract impressionist and post impressionist paintings are his way of echoing his experience as he passes through this world of divine beauty.  The thick, rich colored layers and textures, coupled by the wild and untamed movement, color and composition of nature’s images grab his attention.  As much as Raven loves well ordered, designed and manicured natural arrangements, he finds the wild and unplanned wildflowers and the ordered ‘chaotic’ wild scenery captures his heart.  It is the spectacular seasons Raven experiences up in Elmira, New York that keep him captive and prisoner to nature’s schedule and rhythm. Raven cannot help but be captivated by what he sees, his eyes wander where ever he goes, yearning to feast on some new unseen arrangement of unplanned wild nature!

 Julian Raven loves being an abstract expressionist and impressionist artist and he loves the world God has made for him to delight himself in.

Welcome to Julian Raven Artist

Passion, Energy, Expression & Spirit!


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